GROW BIG Herds and BIG BUCKS with HUNTWORKS®️ OUTDOORS ALL YEAR Gravity Feeders and Seeders. OUR GRAVITY FEEDERS are unlike ANY OTHER gravity feeder on the market today. Our PATENTED DESIGNS with a patented trigger system allows the hunter to hang the unit low if you have only deer & turkey in your woods. Or hang it higher in a tree & further out on the limb so bears and hogs CANNOT reach it. The animals are able to feed underneath and TRIGGER a small amount of feed mix to exit when trigger is bumped. At the same time, the TRIGGER helps break up and push through clogged feed/trash. The TRIGGER also helps keep the feed flowing while it governs feed exiting. NEW KILLER HUNTING INNOVATION©️! We have 2 models that both work the same way. Model # 1 is a Backpack Gravity Feeder/Seeder™️ that holds 40 pounds of a 50-50 mix of corn/rice bran. Model #2 is a Feeder that holds 125 pounds of the 70 % corn/30% rice bran mix.

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